How an Aquarium Using the Best Canister Filter Can Spice Up a Restaurant

Aquarium_in_resturantsA canister filter can be designated as aquarium filters that are capable of removing the water from the fish tank by virtue of the intake tube and then render it with a filtration process within a pressurized canister. Following this the filtered aquarium water is rendered back into the aquarium through a spill-way or discharge tube.

Mechanism Behind The Working Of The Best Canister Filter

The best canister filter basically works with aid from a very fine mechanism. The canister filter draws up water from the aquarium on to the external filter. In this filter the water is treated through a series of filter media in order to clean the water of dirt, gravel and impurities.

The direction and the velocity of the water flow are largely dependent on the model of the best canister filter. They can be bottom-top, top-bottom, from back to front, centre based flow or outside to within as well. The significant feature of the canister filter is the filtration process. They are known to provide for chemical filtration, biological filtration and mechanical filtration as well. The aforementioned feature is largely dependent on the type of canister filter.

Owing to the fact that canister filter are generally sealed, they make the use of water pumps for the pumping of water. These water pumps are mostly an integral presence in the canister usually situated at the base of the canister. In some of the canister filters, these pumps can also be present as an external unit.

Benefits Of A Canister Filter:

  • Keeps the aquarium clean: The 3 layered filtration process available with a good canister filter aids in keeping the water clean. These canister filters are capable of cleaning large volumes of water with relative ease. They help to keep the water within the aquarium crystal clear thus providing for enticing visuals.
  • Helps to keep the fishes healthy: The best canister filter also helps to keep the fishes healthy by regularly filtering the water within the aquarium. The fishes are thus subjected to a contamination-free habitat that persistently helps them to thrive within the environment.
  • Controls algae growth: Algae can be a major threat to the fishes if their growth remains unchecked over long period of time as they seemingly reduce oxygen levels and light levels in the water as well. They can significantly harm the habitat of the fishes. The canister filter helps to resolve this issue by checking the unprecedented growth of algae. Clean and filtered water is the key to ensure a check on their growth.
  • Controls Nitrate and Ammonia levels: The right concentration of nitrate and ammonia are significant to ensuring that the perfect habitat is rendered to these fishes. Excess nitrate levels can prove fatal to fishes and thus significantly harm them as well.

Maintenance Of Canister Filter:

A large number of filter media can be used with the top canister filter which generally comprise of baskets, cartridges and chambers as well. These media have to be rinsed regularly for proper maintenance of the best canister filter. Some of the media may also have to be replaced.

In addition to that the canister cartridge also needs to be replaced regularly if there is any trace of carbon in it. Traces of carbon can make the water saturated with waste and thus also account for toxins in it.